Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

Any plans for tomorrow?  I will be getting up at 5 a.m. (I think that is
the correct time to start watching for the bride).  Have my favourite biscuits made to start my TV watching with a nice cup of tea and buttered raisin scone or two.
I missed Diana's wedding.  I am looking forward to seeing her dress and flowers!

This is my favourite scone recipe.  It is easy to make and you can also
make it into a round loaf.  Email me if you would like the recipe.

Finished Result
Sobeys had a display complete with a server dressed in a beautiful wedding dress and I could not resist this sweet little wedding cake!  Made for 2, if I tell my husband!!

Hope you enjoy the day if you plan on watching!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter! 1 Year Anniversary Starts May 1st

I hope there is a Chocolate Easter bunny in your future today!  Mine is sitting on a shelf just waiting to have its ears bitten off!  My favourite is milk chocolate, my husband likes dark.  So I don't have to share!  We even have a really wild bunny running around our house (outside) and 3 deer come daily to eat the bird seed and new growth on the bushes.  It is a mama dear and her 2 babies from last year.  She continually tries to make them stop following her, she runs them off from time to time.  Guess she knows when they have to learn to forage on their own.  They are pretty cute!

May 1st marks the start of my online store and in house shop.  I will be having some great specials so watch the blog and shop site for the list.  I can tell you all Glue Dots will be $3.00 a box and once my UPS boxes arrive with the rest of my stock, I can put together some creative packages that I hope you will like!
Enjoy the day,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Back from Toronto - Lots of Excited Crafters

The Creativ Festival was a Smash and I know everyone enjoyed shopping at my booth.
Standing room only a few times each day!  For those of you locally, most of everything arrived home except all of my scrapbook paper.  If you planned on dropping by to look for new paper, it will not be here until later this week.  Just give me a call first.
I have started unpacking and should have the shop back in order by Wednesday.
Please bear with me as it is a big job.  Especially as I am a bit creaky!  Lots of carrying and toting without the benefit of my husband to help out has left me a little achey!  But enough of my complaining.  If you need anything, just call or if you drop by, we can definitely locate what you are looking for!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's Going On at Fargocat Shops This Week!

Lots of new papers arrived last week that were ordered specially for the Crop, still some beautiful papers left over.  Also, a few odds and ends of stamps and brand new 12 x 12 cardstock.

Cardstock is now .60 cents a sheet for 12 x 12.  I am excited about going to the Creativ Festival in Toronto on April 15 - 16th which means a lot of items will be packed up and taken with me to sell at my booth in Toronto.  Looking for something in particular, make sure you drop out before Friday of this week as I will be packing up starting on Friday and shipping stock to Toronto.  Or call to hold something.  All Martha Stewart punches will be shipped for the show.  Also Copic markers will be going as well.